What are the paper toys

2020-09-24  124

At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the toy market has also been very good development. There are a variety of toys, such as metal toys, paper toys, plastic toys and so on. Do you know what paper toys are? The following is a brief introduction to China paper network

1. Paper puzzle toys. At present, the rapid development of paper puzzle is a toy type with a broad market. Consumers can buy puzzles anywhere. Jigsaw puzzles are used not only for education and entertainment, but also for commercial advertising and political propaganda. The first World War (1914-1918) is a good example. In cheap jigsaw puzzles, brave soldiers fight for the king and the country. Jigsaw puzzles are popular on both sides of the war. Jigsaw puzzle has become a way to get close to people's inner world, enter families and spread information.

Jigsaw, like newspapers, radio and the first generation of television, has become a simple and direct way of mass communication. Every new invention and trend -- the steamboat, the airplane, the automobile -- has appeared in the jigsaw puzzle. In recent years, jigsaw puzzle toys are also one of children's favorite toys.

2. Children's story book, children's story book is deeply loved by children. First of all, children's storytelling can exercise their speaking ability, which is very important in today's increasingly communicative society. Secondly, children can arouse many emotions by telling stories, such as kindness, sympathy and so on. Third, children's storytelling can cultivate their open personality, through which they can open their hearts, strengthen communication with partners, and stay away from autism. In addition, children's storytelling can expand their knowledge and let them know more and know more.

3. Paper cut, Chinese paper-cut is a kind of folk art. It uses scissors or carving knife to cut patterns on rice paper or other paper cards to decorate life or cooperate with other folk activities. In China, paper cutting has a broad mass base and has been integrated into the social life of the people of all nationalities. It is an important part of various folk activities. The inherited visual image and form contain rich cultural and historical information, and express the social identity, moral concept, practical experience, life ideal and aesthetic taste of the masses. It has cognitive, educational, ideological expression, lyric, entertainment, communication and other social values. Nowadays, in many kindergartens, paper cutting is regarded as a course for children. Many parents are willing to learn more about paper cutting and carry forward Chinese traditional culture.