Nine top DIY activities for parents and children

2020-09-24  839

Children's toys and activities have become everything in the family. How to make them more meaningful?

DIY toys are easy to make - and you may have all the materials you need at home.

Xiaobian has found the best DIY children's activities for you! Now, you can smile on your child's face and have a good time with them.

1. DIY toy house made of old cardboard

When summer comes, use cardboard to make children's toy houses, so that they have a special space, and joint production will bring the direct relationship between parents and children closer.

When they decorate this cardboard toy house, let your children and their parents revel together.

Maybe it's easy to buy a toy house online, but DIY can bring things that money can't bring. Now there is a very good idea, because you can use cardboard packaging to make many beautiful DIY toys and even toy houses - just like this beautiful toy house!

To make a house, you need: cardboard, adhesives or stickers to stick the sides together, scissors to cut out doors and windows, and last but not least, lots of brightly colored paint and brushes.

How can your child help? Let them decide where to put the windows and decorate the house when it's finished. Older kids can even cut paper for you. This is the perfect project for a sunny afternoon!

2. Dominoes made of pebbles

An image of a domino made by coloring stones and pebbles with paint

One of the best things about these dominoes is that you can expand the game by going to the river and the seaside to collect lots of pebbles every holiday or day trip.

If the weather is not very good, and you left a lot of pebbles from your last holiday, why not make your own DIY domino? As long as they are roughly the same size, the appearance of the pebbles doesn't matter. Use a permanent black marker to draw one to six points on each domino, just like the face of the dice - and your domino will be ready for fun!

Two tips for making this DIY toy:

·To make the game more difficult, you can also use dots of different colors. But remember, dominoes still have to be end to end.

·Look for similar stones and pebbles to expand your DIY dominoes collection on future holidays and one-day tours.

3. Sand pit table

A small sandbox is perfect for balconies and balconies - especially if you don't have enough space.

This DIY toy is a bit complicated, but your child will love it! To build our sandbox table, you need wood (e.g. formwork or square timber), matching screws, supporting beams and a board the size of the table you want. Of course, your desk doesn't have to be square as shown in the picture! When you screw the blocks together, your child can reach out to help. One person can bring you the next screwdriver and the other can hold the screw. Children like to participate in these projects, and they can learn how to use a screwdriver or cordless screwdriver at the same time. Attention - soon they will make their own toys!

Two tips for making this DIY toy:

·If there is not enough space in the garden to put the right sandbox, the sandbox table is the ideal choice, and can even be comfortably placed on the balcony.

·Does your child like to play with water? Simply align the table with the blue bin liner and firmly secure the bin liner to the table, and you'll have a small pond on your balcony or terrace.

4. DIY swing made of old tires

Tire rolling is one of the absolute classics on our list.

You have to lie down with one or two old tires, right? Even a small spare tire will do. To ensure that the swing does not leave traces on the child's clothing, make sure that the tires are cleaned with a high-pressure washer or that all dirt marks are removed. If you use ring bolts to hang tires, make sure they are screwed in from the inside with washers and nuts so that your child does not land on the ground due to bumps.

Two tips for making this DIY toy:

·Small tires, such as spare tires, can also be turned into indoor swings.

·Drill several large holes in the bottom of the outdoor tire swing so that water can be drained out in heavy rain. If you want to create a complete garden instead of a swing, you will definitely find a great help with our beginner gardener list.

5. A tent hiding or play area

Whether you sew or fix your tent, your children will love it.

"Come on, put on teddy bears, cushions and covers, and have time to get into our new tent!" When you built this tent, your children were very happy. All you need is three long sticks, roof slats or bamboo sticks, a large piece of material, tear proof tape and a little creativity. Once you tie the top of the stick to the strap, you can see how best to place the material on the branch. Your kids promise to help you - they'll be excited about their new things!

If you want to use it safely and make your tent last longer, you can use nails to stick the material to the branch.

6. DIY seal

Children love seals, and there are endless different shapes that can be made together.

Making a seal is the best! You can use wine corks, drink caps, stones and even potatoes as seals. If you choose potatoes, your child may